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Covid Precautions


Alcohol gel is provided to use in the wall dispenser in the vestibule on entering or leaving the building.

Individual toiletries can be found in your rooms, along with your own personal bottle of hand gel.
Please take this bottle with you and use it while out and about on Portland.

In line with the current “Government guidelines”, we are carrying out additional cleaning of all public high traffic areas and are operating below capacity for your safety and the safety of others.

In your room, you will find the “Breakfast menu” and daily tick box form. Please fill this in before 7pm (19:00hrs) and leave it in the dining room/lounge. There are extra forms if you wish to make a different choice each day.

You will also find a “Guest registration form” Please complete this providing names and contact details in case it becomes necessary to contact you.

Cleaning will be carried out every other day, unless you request a daily clean, whereupon the staff will take appropriate precautions.

Please talk to us or leave a message on the bottom of the breakfast menu if you need extra towels, toiletries or extras for the hospitality tray.

Bedrooms will be closed for two days between bookings, protecting the staff and incoming guests.